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All Sites Include These 10 Free Add-Ons

1800+ Google Fonts Pack - Website Directory Theme

800+ Google Fonts Pack – Free Add-On

Personalize your website by choosing from 800+ fonts when designing your site.

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2All-In-One SEO Pack - Website Directory Theme

All-In-One SEO Pack – Free Add-On

Built-in features and settings to maximize your website’s search engine optimization.

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1Admin Role Permissions - Website Directory Theme

Admin Role Permissions – Free Add-On

Restrict the access of your website administrators to specific back-end admin areas.

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2Post Affiliate Pro Integration - Website Directory Theme

Post Affiliate Pro Integration – Free Add-On

Track affiliate sales activity and transaction data on your website with Post Affiliate Pro.

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2ShareASale Affiliate Integration - Website Directory Theme

ShareASale Affiliate Integration – Free Add-On

Track affiliate sales activity and transaction data on your website with ShareASale.

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6Community Comments - Website Directory Theme

Community Comments – Free Add-On

Logged-in members will be able to natively comment on your website’s content.

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1Express Member Registration - Website Directory Theme

Express Member Registration – Free Add-On

Website visitors can register a free account directly from the member login form.

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1GDPR Consent Fields - Website Directory Theme

GDPR Consent Fields – Free Add-On

Obtain consent from European users when collecting personal data from form submissions.

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1Side-By-Side Pricing Plans - Website Directory Theme

Side-By-Side Pricing Plans – Free Add-On

Display available membership plans & their features in side-by-side columns.

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1Spam Form Protector - Website Directory Theme

Spam Form Protector – Free Add-On

Automatically block spam keywords in form submissions on your website.

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Top 20 Premium Add-Ons

2Billing Reminder Emails - Website Directory Theme

Billing Reminder Emails

Automatically send Past Due emails to members and receive daily reports of activity.

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2ChatGPT Content Creator - Website Directory Theme

ChatGPT Content Creator

Utilize ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence to effortlessly write articles, draft emails & more.

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3Claimable Business Listings - Website Directory Theme

Claimable Business Listings

Create passive income by turning imported site visitors into paying members.

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6Click to Call Members - Website Directory Theme

Click-to-Call Members

Visitors can click the phone number displayed on member listings to instantly call them.

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3Easy Coupon Codes - Website Directory Theme

Easy Coupon Codes

Increase revenue with coupon codes that give your members discounts when signing up.

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2Featured Blog Article Slider - Website Directory Theme

Featured Blog Article Slider

Promote your best content by selecting five articles to feature on your homepage slider.

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Filter by Star Rating - Website Directory Theme

Filter by Star Rating

An additional search filter for users to search members by their overall star rating.

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3Free Trial Period - Website Directory Theme

Free Trial Period

Offer your members a free trial period before charging them for their membership.

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1Global Website Search - Website Directory Theme

Global Website Search

Display member listings and all post types on the same keyword search results page.

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1Google Sitemap Generator - Website Directory Theme

Google Sitemap Generator

Increase your site’s rankings and ensure Google can find all of your important webpages.

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2Members-Only Content - Website Directory Theme

Members-Only Content

Control who can access protected content or make your entire site Members-Only.

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6One-Click Facebook Login - Website Directory Theme

One-Click Facebook Login

Users can instantly register and login to your website using their Facebook account.

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6One-Click Google Login - Website Directory Theme

One-Click Google Login

Users can instantly register and login to your website using their Google account.

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Pay Per Post - Website Directory Theme

Pay Per Post

Charge members for each individual post they want to publish on your website.

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2Pin Featured Posts - Website Directory Theme

Pin Featured Posts

Pin specific posts to keep them featured at the top of Search Result pages.

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Private Member Chat - Website Directory Theme

Private Member Chat

Users and members can send messages back and forth directly on your website.

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2Reply to Member Reviews - Website Directory Theme

Reply to Member Reviews

Allow your members to directly reply to reviews they receive on their listings.

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3Sell Digital Products & Services - Website Directory Theme

Sell Digital Products & Services

Users can purchase digital products and services directly through your website.

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6Tax & VAT Manager - Website Directory Theme

Tax & VAT Manager

Configure location-based tax & VAT rules to be applied on your website’s checkout pages.

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2Website Announcement Bar - Website Directory Theme

Website Announcement Bar

Display an announcement message at the top of your site to share news & more.

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More Premium Add-Ons

1SSL Secure Website - Website Directory Theme

SSL Secure Website

Sites with SSL Security are more trusted and profitable than sites without SSL.

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1AdBlock Detector - Website Directory Theme

AdBlock Detector

Detect, notify and optionally lock out website visitors who are using ad blocking software.

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1Admin Activity Tracking - Website Directory Theme

Admin Activity Tracking

Monitor changes and track website edits when multiple admins are working together.

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2Advanced Post Moderation - Website Directory Theme

Advanced Post Moderation

Automatically publish member posts or hold them for moderation.

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2Automatic Recurring Events - Website Directory Theme

Auto-Recurring Events

Create recurring Event posts that auto-publish themselves daily, weekly and more.

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3Automatic Lead Matching - Website Directory Theme

Automatic Lead Matching

Maximize revenue and save time by auto-sending lead notifications to members.

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3Block Website Traffic By Country
 - Website Directory Theme

Block Website Traffic By Country

Restrict access to your website based on the country that visitors are located in.

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2Bookmark My Favorites - Website Directory Theme

Bookmark My Favorites

Increase sign ups and allow users to bookmark their favorite content on your site.

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2Bookmark Counter - Website Directory Theme

Bookmark Counter

Adds a live counter next to the bookmark icon on posts and member listings.

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4Detect Visitor Locations - Website Directory Theme

Detect Visitor Locations

Fetches & detects a visitor’s current location when conducting local searches.

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3Downloadable PDF Invoices - Website Directory Theme

Downloadable PDF Invoices

Allows members to download payment invoices as PDF files to keep for their own records.

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4Dynamic Category Filtering - Website Directory Theme

Dynamic Category Filtering

Allows users to view listings in multiple categories and sub-categories at once.

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4Expanded Keyword Search - Website Directory Theme

Expanded Keyword Search

Make custom fields searchable via keyword to give members and posts more visibility.

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1Export Member Data - Website Directory Theme

Export Member Data

Download data from specific members of your site for use with third-party services.

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4Feature Members on Homepage - Website Directory Theme

Feature Members

Hand select specific members to be featured on your website’s homepage.

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4File Uploads for Forms - Website Directory Theme

File Uploads for Forms

Allow members and website users to upload supported file types within forms.

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4Essential Business Categories - Website Directory Theme

800 Business Categories

Kickstart your project with 800 categories tailored for LOCAL BUSINESS directory sites.

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4Google Map Search Results - Website Directory Theme

Google Map Search Results

Member listings on Search Result Pages can be plotted & displayed on a Google Map.

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4Google Search Assist - Website Directory Theme

Google Search Assist

Instead of showing empty Search Result Pages, display related results from Google.

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2Google Website Translator - Website Directory Theme

Google Website Translator

Expand your global reach – allow users to translate your website into their language.

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4Grid View Search Results - Website Directory Theme

Grid View Search Results

Member listings on Search Result Pages can be displayed in a mosaic grid layout.

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4Hidden Member Profiles - Website Directory Theme

Hidden Member Profiles

Control which members can search for and find other members on your website.

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4Highlight Member Results - Website Directory Theme

Highlight Member Results

Make certain members stand out amongst the crowd within your website’s search results.

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1Homepage Background Slider - Website Directory Theme

Homepage Background Slider

Replace the large hero image on your homepage with an animated image slideshow.

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4Homepage Clickable Maps Pack - Website Directory Theme

Homepage Clickable Maps

Display a map of your country on the homepage with clickable states or provinces.

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4Lazy Load Search Results - Website Directory Theme

Insta-Load Search Results

Save visitors time by displaying more search results without reloading the web page.

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4Keywords for Categories - Website Directory Theme

Keywords for Categories

Expand your site’s search functionality by adding related keywords to your categories.

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3Lead Price by Category - Website Directory Theme

Lead Price by Category

Maximize lead revenue by setting custom lead prices based on member categories.

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2Limit Max Photos per Album - Website Directory Theme

Limit Max Photos per Album

Limit how many maximum images members can include in their photo album posts.

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2Limit Posts per Member - Website Directory Theme

Limit Posts per Member

Set a maximum limit for how many posts your members can have published at one time.

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6Member Credits System - Website Directory Theme

Member Credits System

Manage and add credits to member accounts for their website purchases.

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6Member Profile Analytics - Website Directory Theme

Member Profile Analytics

Allow members to view analytics such as profile views, website clicks and more.

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Member Profile Badges - Website Directory Theme

Member Profile Badges

Assign unique badges to member profile listings based on their membership level.

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6Multi-Location Listings - Website Directory Theme

Multi-Location Listings

Members can list their profile in multiple locations to be found in more searches.

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6Multi-Member Manager - Website Directory Theme

Multi-Member Manager

Enable members to create & manage multiple sub-listings from one main account.

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6Personal Post Feed - Website Directory Theme

Personal Post Feed

A unique feed for users displaying newly published posts by members they follow.

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Photo Gallery Previewer - Website Directory Theme

Photo Gallery Previewer

Add a scrollable “preview” photo album on search result pages for certain post types.

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Predictive Keyword Search - Website Directory Theme

Predictive Keyword Search

Present website users with instant search results as they begin typing their search.

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Web Page Draggable Content Blocks - Website Directory Theme

Premium Content Blocks

A suite of premium, ready-to-customize content blocks for the Web Page Builder.

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6Profile Cover Photo - Website Directory Theme

Profile Cover Photo

Allow members to add more personality to their profiles by uploading a cover photo.

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1Report This Page - Website Directory Theme

Report This Page

Allows website visitors to flag and report pages to the website administrator.

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1Reviews with Photos - Website Directory Theme

Reviews with Photos

Users can upload photos to accompany reviews they leave on member profile pages.

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1RSS Feed for Posts - Website Directory Theme

RSS Feed for Posts

Automatically generate RSS feeds for all post types on your site to share with followers.

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1Simple Events Calendar - Website Directory Theme

Simple Events Calendar

Display your website’s published upcoming events in a dynamic calendar view.

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1Star Ratings for Posts - Website Directory Theme

Star Ratings for Posts

Allow users to review posts and leave star ratings with their comments.

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1Stock Photo Library for Posts - Website Directory Theme

Stock Photo Library for Posts

Give your members access to use 10 million+ stock photos on your website.

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1Streaming Post Carousel Slider - Website Directory Theme

Streaming Post Carousel Slider

Display streaming posts on your homepage in a horizontally sliding carousel.

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1Easy Website Backups - Website Directory Theme

14-Day Website Backups

Secure your data with 14 days of ready-to-restore backups in case of emergencies.

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3Member Limit Boost - Website Directory Theme

Member Limit Boost

Increase your website’s current member limit by an additional 100,000 members.

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1Website Bandwidth Boost - Website Directory Theme

Website Bandwidth Boost

Optimize site performance by increasing monthly bandwidth to match your needs.

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1Website Storage Boost - Website Directory Theme

Website Storage Boost

Optimize site performance by increasing total storage space to match your needs.

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