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Sell Digital Downloads

Generate additional revenue from your members by selling digital products and services directly through your website.

Sell ebook downloads, banner ad placements, marketing services and more. Your website will automatically charge the member’s credit card. They will then receive a confirmation email and be redicrected to a confirmation/download page.

Easy Coupon Codes

Features to Boost Sales & Conversions

  • Users must register as a member to purchase
  • Website will prompt buyers if no credit card is on file
  • Include download link(s) in confirmation page/email
  • Set a max. purchase limit – will display “Sold Out” once reached
  • Trackable sales history for all digital products sold
  • Purchases are displayed in admin Transaction History
  • Export sales for specific products as a .csv file

Options When Listing Digital Products for Sale

  • Customize the “Buy Now” button text (call to action).
  • The digital product’s price must be set to a minimum of $1.00.
  • For each digital product you sell you can add a text description, keywords/tags, videos and an image gallery.
  • Select which web page buyers are automatically redirected to after purchasing. This can be a custom landing page and/or Thank You page that you create specifically for this product. If applicable, you can include a download link for the digital product on this page. You may also choose to not redirect buyers to any Thank You page.
  • Select which email template is automatically sent to buyers after purchasing. This can be a custom email that you create specifically thanking buyers for purchasing this digital product. If applicable, you can include a download link for the digital product in this email. You may also choose to not send any confirmation email.

Requirement for Proper Functionality

  1. SSL Certificate: An SSL Certificate must be installed on your website for security precautions when processing payments.

The Sell Digital Downloads add-on will function properly once an SSL certificate is installed on your website.

Sell Digital Downloads Add-On
Sell Digital Products and Services Through Your Website

Add to Site – $10 / month

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It was a relief to find Brilliant Directories

After many long days testing different platforms, it was a relief to find Brilliant Directories. Not only does the platform have the features I required, it was affordable and the support is second to none. I managed to achieve things with BD that I never imagined I could do by myself... Money which would have been spent on developers has gone into marketing my site. BD has a very strategic approach in the growth of the platform and it is clear to see customers are at the forefront of that approach.

Collette M. — Australia Read More Reviews

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