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Finally… Simple Directory Software to Manage Your Entire Online Membership Community

Professional Directory Themes

Browse our extensive collection of professional themes catering to various niches and directory website ideas.

  • The perfect starting point for your website idea
  • 90% of the design work is already done for you
  • Add your custom logos, images, text and branding
  • All themes include essential directory website features

Browse Our Best Directory Themes

Complete Member Management

Perfect for organizations of all sizes – includes simple tools to manage members, payments content & more.

  • Manage managers in your back-end database
  • Members can manage and control their own accounts
  • Seamlessly import existing members into your website
  • Engage your community with offers and newsletters

Learn About Member Management

Smart Payment Processing

Includes the best payment processing tools to manage subscriptions, refunds, invoices, forecasting and more.

  • Connect your gateway to accept payments
  • Recurring subscriptions are billed automatically
  • Generate leads and sell them to your members
  • Manage refunds and collect past-due payments

Learn About Automated Billing

Hassle-Free Setup & Design

Whether you’re a beginner or expert developer, it’s easy to update the design, look and feel of your directory.

  • Adjust colors, fonts, and more with a single click
  • Brand your website with your company logo & images
  • Customizable search modules to fit your needs
  • 100% white-label. Our name never appears anywhere

Learn About Design & Branding

Optimized Publishing for Google

Easily publish content to out-rank competitors using our industry-leading SEO templates and tools.

  • Publish articles with your own built-in blogging system
  • Stay organized with our world-class content manager
  • Create stunning pages with our simple page builder
  • Robust SEO templates and settings for advanced users

Learn About SEO & Content Publishing

App-Ready for Android & iOS

Our directory software is 100% mobile-friendly which allows you to easily convert your site into a mobile app.

  • Responsive design makes your site great on all devices
  • Save time and money ‐ no need for extra development
  • Visitors can use your site on phones and tablets
  • Your members can manage their accounts on the go!

Learn About Native Mobile Apps

Top-Rated Help & Support

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. You’ll always have access to our free support resources.

  • Quality support with less than 24 hour response times
  • Extensive video tutorials and text documentation
  • Interactive community forum for all website owners
  • Join our weekly workshops for free live support

Learn About Support Resources

Easily manage your member community with hassle-free tools that simplify daily tasks

Searchable Member Directory

Allow website visitors to accurately search and filter members to quickly find what they are looking for.

  • Filter results by location, keyword, category and more
  • Customize the layout of search result pages
  • Choose between list view and an interactive map
  • Maximize interaction with favorites, ratings and more

Learn About Member Searches

Dynamic Member Profile Pages

As members add more information to their accounts, their public profile pages are automatically updated.

  • Each member’s profile is optimized for search engines
  • Visitors can contact members, leave reviews and more
  • Members can add custom text and images to profiles
  • Members are searchable in your public directory

Learn About Member Accounts

Intuitive Back-end Interface

Boost productivity with neatly organized data. Quickly access information about your entire community.

  • Search and manage all of your registered members
  • View membership details and transaction history
  • Easily start, stop and edit membership subscriptions
  • Import existing member data into your new website

Learn About Member Management

Build Unlimited Membership Plans

Create free and paid membership plans. Automatically bill your members monthly, yearly or even one-time.

  • Select which features to include with each plan
  • Ready-made signup pages for all membership levels
  • Optimize subscription growth with detailed analytics
  • Maximize revenue with one-click member upgrades

Learn About Membership Plans

Self-Service Member Dashboard

Your members can securely log in to manage their information, subscriptions, leads, content and more.

  • Focus on growth while members manage their listings
  • Members register and create their own profiles
  • Members can publish articles, events, photos & more
  • Members notified by email of new leads & reviews

Learn About Member Accounts

Capture Essential Member Data

Create custom form fields to gather detailed information from members in order to better serve your community.

  • Edit default fields and create new custom fields
  • Allow members to upload profile photos and logos
  • Geo-code member locations with built-in Google API
  • Set up unlimited categories that members can select

Learn About Custom Forms

Connect with Email Newsletters

Built-in email marketing helps you stay connected with your membership community without skipping a beat.

  • Includes 50+ pre-made email templates to customize
  • Live sign up forms for visitors to join your mailing list
  • Search, export and segment contacts into unique lists
  • Send email newsletters to members & subscribers

Learn About Email Marketing

Publish quality content to WOW your website visitors and outrank the competition

Easy To Use Blogging System

Stay connected with members and easily publish news about your organization with a dedicated blog.

  • Create articles with images, links, headings and more
  • Schedule articles to be published on future dates
  • Blog articles can be searched & read by visitors
  • Assign staff members to help contribute to your blog

Learn About Publishing Articles

Turbo-Charged SEO

Quality SEO is critical to any website’s success because it directly effects your ability to rank well in search engines like Google. All of our website plans include optimized web pages and the ability to target specific pages with optimized content and keywords that align with your SEO marketing goals.

Learn About Turn-Key SEO

Publish & Promote Events

Events are important for every organization. Keep your community up to date by sharing upcoming events.

  • Create events with images, links, start dates and more
  • Visually display events in an organized calendar view
  • Add categories to better organize different events
  • Promote events with social media and newsletters

Learn About the Events Directory Theme

Simple Web Page Builder

You’re in the driver’s seat with the ability to instantly create additional pages for your website.

  • Add headings, links, images, videos and more
  • Create your own custom URL for each page
  • Turn any web page into a private members-only page
  • include sidebars, widgets and banner ads with ease

Learn About Managing Web Pages

Member-Generated Content

Create an active community and improve your SEO by allowing members to publish their own content, such as:

  • Articles
  • Classified Ads
  • Coupons
  • Events
  • Job Listings
  • Photos
  • Products
  • Property Listings
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Videos

Point-and-Click Homepage Design

Create a stunning homepage with dynamic content to engage visitors and maximize member sign ups.

  • Showcase featured members to welcome new visitors
  • Stream relevant content such as news and events
  • Add modules to easily search members and content
  • Display links and images to promote member signups

Learn About Homepage Design

Engaging Social Media Integration

Boost web pages and increase your site’s online visibility. Include social media share links on all of your pages – from member profiles to blog articles. Capitalize on the power of social media to build your brand and attract more visitors.

Learn About Social Sharing

Customizable Meta Tags

The global SEO editor provides you with full access to modify the SEO structure of your dynamic web pages. Inject keywords and update important meta data to maximize rankings and visitor traffic to your website.

Learn About Meta Tags

Stay organized and maximize revenue with recurring payments and finance tools

Pick Your Preferred Gateway

We support 10+ popular payment gateways that you can integrate to start accepting payments immediately. If you have not yet selected a payment gateway provider, we can guide you based on your business’ needs.

Learn About Payment Gateways

Real-Time Financial Reporting

The finance dashboard gives you a high-level snapshot of your gross revenue, upcoming payments, refund history and comprehensive revenue forecasting – key metrics that indicate the overall financial health of your organization.

Learn About Financial Reporting

Intelligent Recurring Payments

Never miss a scheduled payment again. Automatically collect monthly, yearly or semi-annual membership fees.

  • Easily configure subscription pricing and billing cycles
  • Works with any gateway you connect to your website
  • Manage & edit individual member subscriptions
  • Get notified of declined or past-due payments

Learn About Recurring Payments

Process One-Time Charges

In addition to recurring payments, you can also bill for one-time charges. Generate additional revenue by selling individual leads, digital products and other services – easily managed from your finance dashboard.

Learn About One-Time Charges

Past-Due Payment Handling

It’s common for credit cards to expire, be cancelled or reach their spending limits – rest assured you won’t be left in the dark. The billing system reports all failed and past-due payments, and will attempt to process them until collected.

Learn About Payment Notifications

One-Click Member Upgrades

Members can easily upgrade their subscription with just one click – offer more expensive plans with additional perks to maximize revenue. The system automatically cancels the member’s old plan and immediately starts their new one.

Learn About Subscription Upgrades

Generate and Sell Leads

Take advantage of the built-in functionality to generate leads and sell them back to members in your community.

  • Convert website visitors into additional revenue
  • Customize lead forms to suite your target industry
  • Sell and provide members with qualified leads
  • Simple back-end management to maximize lead sales

Learn About Lead Generation

SSL Secured Checkout Pages

Hit the ground running and accept payments from day one. For each membership plan that you set up, the system will automatically generate an SSL secured checkout page that you can link to and promote – no coding required.

Learn About SSL Certificates

Sell Banner Ad Placements

Embed Google Adsense banners on your website or upload your own custom banner advertisements. Modify ad content and control ad placement from the Banner Ad Manager to maximize revenue from your advertisers and sponsors.

Learn About Banner Ads

Powering over 30,000 websites worldwide
Sleep well, with a reliable platform you can trust

Reliable Website Hosting

Stop dealing with the headaches of self-hosted solutions and third-party hosting companies. Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you – at no additional cost. You can focus on your members while we take care of your hosting and security.

Learn About Hosting

Access & Edit Your Source Code

You have full access to identify and edit the source code that powers the front-end of your website – at no additional cost. Your website’s source code is neatly organized and beautifully coded using PHP, Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3.

Learn About Source Code Access

Secure Cloud Platform

Your website is monitored 24/7 by our team to ensure maximum uptime and compliance with industry leading security protocols. As technology evolves, you can rest assured your website will be protected, safe and secure.

Learn About our SaaS Cloud Platform

Connect Your Own Domain

The built-in Domain Manager simplifies the process of connecting your domain to your Brilliant Directories website. All domain extensions are compatible with Brilliant Directories: .com,,, .org, .gov and more.

Learn About Connecting Your Domain

Daily Website Backups

The Brilliant Directories platform automatically performs daily backups of your entire website and stores up to 24 hours worth of backups. If needed, you can opt for our extended website backups which will store 14 days worth of backups.

Learn About 14-Day Backups

Login Attempt Protection

Your visitors’ IP addresses are recorded to keep track of their actions on your website. The system can then lock users out of your website after several unsuccessful login attempts – preventing unwarranted access and password cracking.

Learn About Login Protection

MYSQL and cPanel Access

Developers love Brilliant Directories. You have complete control over every aspect of your website from design to source code and more. Your website’s admin panel grants you direct access to your cPanel dashboard and MySQL database.

Learn About the Developer’s Dream


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