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Free Trial Period

Free trial periods are an excellent way to build trust with new potential customers and boost conversion rates.

The Free Trial Period add-on allows you to define a number of free trial days for each paid membership plan. Credit card info is collected upon signup and if the user does not cancel then they will automatically be charged after the free trial period ends.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Increase paid membership signups
  • Add a free trial period to individual membership packages
  • Choose how many days the trial period lasts
  • Trial info is automatically displayed on checkout pages
  • Customers are still required to provide credit card info
  • Customers are automatically charged once their trial ends
  • Customers are not charged if they cancel before their trial ends
  • Increase conversion rates by up to 50%

Who Is This For?

Regardless of your industry, the try-before-you-buy sales method simply works. AOL used free trials to attract early Internet users in the late ’90s; the Wall Street Journal now offers free trials to increase the number of subscribers for the online version of its flagship newspaper; Netflix offers a one month free trial… the list goes on.

Free trial periods are effective because they give potential customers a glimpse of what they are about to buy. Crafting the perfect landing page or blog post is important to get people interested in what you are offering. But by also providing a free trial you allow users to experience your product/service first-hand.

With the Free Trial Period add-on, although customers will not be charged until their trial period ends, they are still required to provide their credit card information during the sign up process. When credit card details are collected up-front, paid membership conversion rates can increase by 50%

Free Trial Period Add-On
Provide Free Trial Timeframes for Paid Membership Levels

Add to Site – $10 / month

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After many long days testing different platforms, it was a relief to find Brilliant Directories. Not only does the platform have the features I required, it was affordable and the support is second to none. I managed to achieve things with BD that I never imagined I could do by myself... Money which would have been spent on developers has gone into marketing my site. BD has a very strategic approach in the growth of the platform and it is clear to see customers are at the forefront of that approach.

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