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Export Member Data

The data for your website’s members is conveniently stored and accessible within your website’s admin area. Sometimes it’s necessary to export this data to be used for other purposes.

The Export Member Data add-on lets you quickly export specific member data (contact and profile data, form inquiries and posts) into a .csv file that can downloaded and used with other applications.

Key Features to Boost Conversions

Export data of all website members with a single click
Exports can be downloaded as an Excel .csv file
Export specific members based on certain criteria such as:
Membership Level
Account Status
Category and Sub-Category
Join Date
And more…
Export inquiries received from forms
Export posts created by your members
Exported data can be used with other services like a dedicated marketing platform

Who Is This For?

Looking to take your Brilliant Directories website to the next level? Utilizing a dedicated marketing platform, Microsoft Excel to use as an offline backup of your member database and many other plans may require that you export your members and all of their accompanying data.

The Export Member Data add-on makes the exportation process as simple as possible — all it takes is the click of a button! You can export your members based on specific criteria, or export all of your members at once. Click the export button and you will immediately get a downloadable .csv file that contains the data of your selected members.

Use this .csv file as an offline backup, import certain information such as email addresses into a third-party marketing platform, send the phone numbers of past-due members to a collection agency… the possibilities are endless!

The Export Member Data add-on also makes it possible to export inquiries received from form submissions on your website and posts that your members have created.

Export Member Data Add-On
Download Your Members’ Data For Use with Third-Party Services

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I chose Brilliant Directories because it had everything I needed when I was looking to create my membership website. The support and community inside Brilliant Directories is a great help, and you have access to literally thousands of other BD website owners who all come together to share their experiences, tips and help. If you are looking to create a directory, I can not recommend Brilliant Directories enough. No matter what you are wanting to do, there is a theme suitable for your needs!

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