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AdBlock Detector Plugin

Many directory website owners heavily rely on generating revenue from ads. But with over 500 million devices using ad blocking tools, this prevents directories from generating ad revenue.

And until now, there was nothing a directory website could do about this. The AdBlock Detector add-on will detect, notify and optionally lock out visitors who are using ad blocking software against your directory or membership software website.

Though this add-on will help you generate more ad revenue, it may not be for everyone. If most of your revenue is generated through paid member subscriptions, you probably won’t want to inconvenience paying or prospective members with a pop-up. However, you may consider using this add-on if you heavily rely on ad revenue for your directory website.

AdBlock Detector Notification Mode

Why Anti-AdBlock is Essential for Your Site

  • Your directory website can’t collect ad revenue if users are blocking your ads
  • 615 million devices now use adblock
  • 380 million mobile devices & 236 million desktops use adblock
  • Adblock usage is growing at a 30% annual rate
  • Google Chrome now has a built-in ad blocking function

Key Benefits

AdBlock Detector Block Content Mode

Compatible with all browsers and adblock browser plugins
Works on mobile devices that are using ad blocking software
Two Settings: Notification Mode or Block Content Mode
Notify visitors using adblock to whitelist your website
Lock your website until the user disables ad blocking
Notification Mode still gives visitors full access to your website
Customize the pop-up alert title, message and button text
Stop your directory website losing ad revenue to ad blocking software

Global AdBlock Usage per Online Capita

Anti AdBlock Website Plugin

AdBlock Detector Add-On
Detect, Notify and Lock Out Visitors Using Ad Blocking Software

Add to Site – $10 / month

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The sky is the limit with what you can do on the Brilliant Directories platform. I love the fact that everything can be customised and there are constant improvements and additions. The support, advice and guidance that one receives through the BD Facebook group, Webinars and Support team is excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a directory type website.

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