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Tax & VAT Manager

Configure unlimited tax & value-added tax (VAT) rules to be applied on your website’s checkout pages. Tax rules can be applied universally to all members/customers or location-specific tax rules can be created.

Your tax rules will be applied to all payments processed by the website including one-time and recurring payments.

Tax & VAT Manager

Key Features & Benefits

  • Create an unlimited number of tax rules
  • Tax rules are applied to all payments processed on your website
  • Tax rules can be created to apply to all customers regardless of their location
  • Tax rules can be created to apply only to specific locations (country & state)
  • Customize the name of the tax to be displayed on checkout pages & invoices
  • Set taxes to be charged inclusively within the product price or charged separately in addition to the product price
  • Assign tax rules a Primary or Secondary order in the event multiple rules are applied to a single checkout

NOTEThe information on this page is not tax advice. Please consult with a tax professional that specializes in your local region’s tax laws and all other regulations applicable to your website to make sure the processes of your website are in full compliance.

Tax & VAT Manager Add-On
Location-Based Tax & VAT Rules for Checkout Pages

Add to Site – $10 / month

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