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Member Profile Badges

Add credibility and more awareness to member profiles by assigning unique digital badges to specific membership levels.

Upload your own badge images and assign them to your membership levels. Once uploaded, all the member profiles in that membership level will display their special digital badge.

Key Features and Benefits

Profile Cover Photo add on

  • Add a blue checkmark badge image to “verified” listings
  • Signify high-value members or top contributors of your website
  • Differentiate premium and basic listings using different badges
  • Improve lead generation with confidence-boosting badges
  • Increase member engagement on your website
  • Use as an up-sell tool for premium listings on your website

Profile badges can be utilized in various ways to best suit your website’s purpose and target audience. The most popular profile badge is a blue checkmark, utilized by many social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to indicate that a profile has been verified and is authentic. Online communities also use digital badges to indicate top contributors, founding members, rising stars and more.

eCommerce websites often utilize other forms of badges known as “trust badges”. For example, a landing page may have a “Verified & Secured” badge to increase the website visitor’s confidence in the safety of the website. These trust badges have been proven to have a positive impact on a website’s conversion rate and revenue – studies have shown conversion rate increases of up to 18% due to the implementation of trust badges.

Regardless of how you implement these member profile badges, they are sure to make your website visitors feel better about giving their information to you or to your members. Furthermore, these badges should also entice your existing members to strive toward whatever benchmarks you set in order to acquire a special profile badge. Below are sample badge ideas.

business verified badge

Member Profile Badges
Assign Unique Badges to Members in Each Membership Level

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We switched to BD about a year ago, and it's one of the best business decisions we ever made. Our website now is user-friendly, and our members can easily update their profiles and add content on their own. But what I love most about BD is that they are constantly adding new features, and they seem to really care about their clients... We struggled through various platforms, from WordPress to very expensive custom-built websites. None came close to being as functional or reliable as our BD website.

Ester V. — Florida, USA Read More Reviews

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