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File Uploads For Forms

By default, members can only upload one file when filling out their Additional Details form to be displayed on their profile page.

The File Uploads for Forms add-on extends this functionality to any and all forms on your website. Adding the file upload field to any form will allow users to upload supported file types to your website with their form submission.

Key Features and Benefits

File Uploads for Forms add on

  • Users can easily and securely attach files to their form submissions
  • General users can upload files with their contact or lead form submissions
  • Members can upload and attach files to their published posts
  • A link to view the uploaded file is included in email notifications
  • Uploaded files are monitored by server-side virus scanners
  • Supported File Types: images, PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Click HERE to see live examples and use cases

File Uploads for Forms Add-On
Allow Users to Upload Supported File Types Within Forms

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