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Click on any of the links below to watch replays of Webinar Wednesday presentations. You’ll learn so much from live website examples and see how others are using Brilliant Directories for their own website ideas.


Episode 1 Webinar Wednesday for January 18, 2017

Key Topics: Claim listings; Google ads; pop-up notifications; mobile apps and more.


Episode 2 Webinar Wednesday for January 25, 2017

Key Topics: SEO templates; text labels; static webpages; chat integration and more.


Episode 3 Webinar Wednesday for February 1, 2017

Key Topics: Hide elements on profile pages; custom search form; member statistics and more.


Episode 4 Webinar Wednesday for February 8, 2017

Key Topics: Google Search Assist; sidebars on signup pages; sub-sub categories and more.


Episode 5 Webinar Wednesday for February 15, 2017

Key Topics: Reply to Member Reviews; admin panel & member updates; editing forms; eDirectory and more.


Episode 6 Webinar Wednesday for February 22, 2017

Key Topics: Support Resources; verifying members; members-only web pages; future updates and more.


Episode 7 Webinar Wednesday for March 1, 2017

Key Topics: Easy Coupon Codes; homepage divider buttons; member QR codes; exporting members and more.


Episode 8 Webinar Wednesday for March 8, 2017

Key Topics: Affiliate program; customizing emails templates; SEO; marketing website content and more.


Episode 9 Webinar Wednesday for March 15, 2017

Key Topics: Editing events feature; marketing keys for directory sites; SEO; landing pages and more.


Episode 10 Webinar Wednesday for March 22, 2017

Key Topics: Infusionsoft integration; Claimable Business Listings; Google Analytics; recent updates and more.


Episode 11 Webinar Wednesday for March 29, 2017

Key Topics: Easy Coupon Codes; duplicate content; adding member content; lead generation and more.


Episode 12 Webinar Wednesday for April 5, 2017

Key Topics: Make free trials; build & advertise a “visual directory”; Facebook ads; SEO and more.


Episode 13 Webinar Wednesday for April 12, 2017

Key Topics: Banner ads; recurring payments; converting visitors; search variables and more.


Episode 14 Webinar Wednesday for April 19, 2017

Key Topics: Google Analytics and Hotjar; text labels; website blog; auto-translate webpages and more.


Episode 15 Webinar Wednesday for May 10, 2017

Key Topics: Strategy when importing members; coupon codes; editing the lead form; leads module and more.


Episode 16 Webinar Wednesday for May 24, 2017

Key Topics: Google Webmaster Tools; search results page; schema markup; member reviews and more.


Episode 17 Webinar Wednesday for May 31, 2017

Key Topics: Sidebars; attracting website visitors; blog SEO; developer marketplace and more.


Episode 18 Webinar Wednesday for June 7, 2017

Key Topics: Driving traffic; custom forms; managing leads; member profile pages and more.


Episode 19 Webinar Wednesday for June 21, 2017

Key Topics: SEO keywords; landing pages; claimable listings; Bootstrap scripts and more.


Episode 20 Webinar Wednesday for July 19, 2017

Key Topics: Advanced settings; offering a free trial to members; preventing spam and more.


Episode 21 Webinar Wednesday for July 26, 2017

Key Topics: Form formatting; website messaging; email templates; lead generation and more.


Episode 22 Webinar Wednesday for August 9, 2017

Key Topics: Updates; Transactions History Manager; website reviews; geo-target banner ads and more.


Episode 23 Webinar Wednesday for August 23, 2017

Key Topics: Updates; Billing Manager; Google security update; pricing pages; managing email addresses and more.


Episode 24 Webinar Wednesday for September 20, 2017

Key Topics: Updates; new add-ons; embedding forms; email automation and best practices; SEO and more.


Episode 25 Webinar Wednesday for October 4, 2017

Key Topics: Landing page best practices; Google AdSense; importing members; keyword research and more.


Episode 26 Webinar Wednesday for October 18, 2017

Key Topics: Reviewing Brilliant Directories users websites; creating video libraries; blog customizations and more.


Episode 27 Webinar Wednesday for November 1, 2017

Key Topics: Reviewing Brilliant Directories users websites; members-only sites; sitemap generator; growing online communities and more.


Episode 28 Webinar Wednesday for November 15, 2017

Key Topics: Reviewing Brilliant Directories users websites; member dashboard update; customizing search results pages and more.


Episode 29 Webinar Wednesday for November 29, 2017

Key Topics: Custom homepage content; optimizing mobile website view; claim listings; marketing tips and more.


Episode 30 Webinar Wednesday for December 13, 2017

Key Topics: Reviewing Brilliant Directories users’ websites; text labels; SEO templates; live website chat and more.


Episode 31 Webinar Wednesday for January 10, 2018

Key Topics: User engagement; marketing campaigns; widget customizations; featured member categories and more.


Episode 32 Webinar Wednesday for January 24, 2018

Key Topics: New add-ons; 301 redirects; sitemaps; URL structures; schema markup; Google Search Console and more.


Episode 33 Webinar Wednesday for February 7, 2018

Key Topics: Website customizations; free analytics plugin; new add-ons; marketing local directory websites and more.


Episode 34 Webinar Wednesday for February 21, 2018

Key Topics: Featured members; moderating member content; affiliate solutions; block IP addresses; Google AdSense and more.


Episode 35 Webinar Wednesday for March 7, 2018

Key Topics: Profile page cover photo; member image upload limit and custom banner ads inside the member dashboard.


Episode 36 Webinar Wednesday for March 21, 2018

Key Topics: HubSpot Resources and reviewing the the winning site of the Weekly Website Showcase.


Episode 37 Webinar Wednesday for April 4, 2018

Key Topics: Multi-Category Checkbox Filter; quickly grow your community; catering to your end-user and more.


Episode 38 Webinar Wednesday for April 18, 2018

Key Topics: “Posted By” snapshot widget; create irresistible offers; driving traffic to landing pages and more.


Episode 39 Webinar Wednesday for May 2, 2018

Key Topics: AdBlock Detector; Facebook Website Chat; creating lead magnets; conveying success to members and more.


Episode 40 Webinar Wednesday for May 16, 2018

Key Topics: Coupon code updates; Website Announcement Bar; Travel Guide website theme and more.


Episode 41 Webinar Wednesday for May 30, 2018

Key Topics: Updated Classifieds theme; free offer to members; Facebook ads; SSL’s and more.


Episode 42 Webinar Wednesday for June 13, 2018

Key Topics: Free Trial Period; PDF Invoices; Spam Form Protector; Universal Search tool and more.


Episode 43 Webinar Wednesday for July 11, 2018

Key Topics: Limit Max Photos per Album; Pinned Featured Posts; membership pricing structure and more.


Episode 44 Webinar Wednesday for July 25, 2018

Key Topics: B2B lead-gen website; on-site visitor actions; membership setup fees and more.


Episode 45 Webinar Wednesday for August 8, 2018

Key Topics: Confidence boosters; increase sign ups and leads; pricing page and more.


Episode 46 Webinar Wednesday for August 22, 2018

Key Topics: Updates; new search result designs; manually add members and more.


Episode 47 Webinar Wednesday for September 12, 2018

Key Topics: Updates; value of shareable content; free eBook; collecting past-due payments and more.


Episode 48 Webinar Wednesday for September 26, 2018

Key Topics: Value of freemium plans; website showcase; convert free members into paid members and more.


Episode 49 Webinar Wednesday for October 10, 2018

Key Topics: Align membership plans on pricing page; how to continuously grow; tracking sales and more.


Episode 50 Webinar Wednesday for October 17, 2018

Key Topics: Updates; edit member form fields; track revenue from sales reps and more.


Episode 51 Webinar Wednesday for October 31, 2018

Key Topics: Banner ads; what makes successful directories; website messaging and more.


Episode 52 Webinar Wednesday for November 14, 2018

Key Topics: Date format setting; mobile view settings; editing post categories and more.


Episode 53 Webinar Wednesday for November 21, 2018

Key Topics: Utilizing website blog; cloning post types; welcomign new members and more.


Episode 54 Webinar Wednesday for November 28, 2018

Key Topics: Configuration settings; GDPR disclaimers; homepage SEO optimizations and more.


Episode 55 Webinar Wednesday for December 26, 2018

Key Topics: Results from SEO optimizations; Spam Form Protector; customer website reviews and more.


Episode 56 Webinar Wednesday for January 16, 2019

Key Topics: Customizing default email templates; website logo options; press releases for SEO and more.


Episode 57 Webinar Wednesday for January 30, 2019

Key Topics: Lead generation settings; ad blockers and banner ads; differentiating your website and more.

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