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Webinar Wednesday 167 <small>– November 8, 2023</small>

Key Topics:

    New Features

  • 3:07 – SMART LISTS: Create Webhooks for Unique Smart Lists, Forms & Posts
  • 4:16 – DASHBOARD: Display Recent Transaction History in Member’s Dashboard
  • 5:33 – MEMBERS: New “Incomplete” Account Status for Members
  • 7:15 – DIGITAL PRODUCTS: Create Coupon Codes for Cloned Digital Product Post Types
  • 8:25 – FINANCE: Ability to Search Transactions by Product Name & Keyword
  • 9:57 – SPEED: More Speed Optimization were released to Improve Pagespeed Scoring
  • Coming Soon

  • 10:45 – ZAPIER: New “Triggers” to initiate workflows instead of relying on “Webhooks”
  • 11:35 – PROFILE TABS: Tidy Up Profile Pages with Design Setting to Scroll Excessive Tabs
  • 11:57 – DIGITAL PRODUCTS: Ability for Members to Revisit Confirmation Pages and Emails
  • 12:34 – TONS MORE: Speed, security, API, webhook, quality-of-life features and exciting new releases on the way!
  • 13:53 – Do Zapier updates also apply to Pabbly?
  • Tip of the Week

  • 14:36 – Stock Photo Library for Posts add-on
  • 15:56 – Key Features
  • 17:13 – Let’s See a Demo
  • 23:45 – Benefits of High-Quality, Relevant Photos
  • 27:46 – Stock Photo Library Access Settings
  • 31:23 – Bonus Tips
  • 32:55 – Extra Tip Using Emedly for Affiliate Product Links in Articles
  • Questions & Answers

  • 36:34 – Will stock videos be available in addition to photos?
  • 38:27 – How to explain value of stock photos library access to members?
  • 39:39 – How to link to claimable listing URL in emails? Claimable Business Listings: Invite Email Templates And Ideas
  • 40:50 – How to activate Embedly in text editors?
  • 41:37 – Multi-Location Listings vs. Multi-Member Manager
  • 50:32 – How to create a page with a search module to search for members?
  • 56:30 – How to add a video background to the homepage hero section?
  • 58:24 – Are photos from Stock Photo Library optimized?
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