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Webinar Wednesday 159 <small>– June 14, 2023</small>

Key Topics:

    New Features

  • 3:41 – WEBHOOKS: When Members Add Profile Photos, Send The Data via Webhooks
  • 5:06 – SIGN UP: Now You Can Easily COPY the Sign-Up Link of Membership Plans
  • 6:14 – ADMIN: Screenshots Now Visible in “Form Manager” & “Edit Post Settings” Pages
  • 7:36 – ADMIN: Keyword Search Filter When Creating Coupon Codes
  • 8:46 – CHATS: Now Your Can See Both Members Involved in Private Chat Dialogue
  • Coming Soon

  • 9:43 – LEADS: See Total Revenue Generated for Each Lead
  • 10:21 – NEWSLETTERS: Better, Smarter Workflow When Scheduling Newsletters and Stats After Sending
  • 10:50 – SMART LISTS: Scheduled Times to Sync Smart Lists with Webhook Actions + Transaction History Smart Lists
  • 12:28 – HOMEPAGE: 5 More Default “Custom Content” Slots for the Homepage – 10 Total Available
  • 13:23 – TONS MORE: Speed, security, quality-of-life features and exciting new releases on the way!
  • Tip of the Week

  • 14:17 – Include Additional CTAs In Your Homepage Hero Section
  • 15:06 – What Is a Homepage Hero Section?
  • 18:00 – Goal of Homepage CTAs
  • 19:40 – Default Hero Section Functionality
  • 20:18 – Add Custom Content & CTAs to Hero Section
  • 22:28 – Customizing Hero Section without Custom Code
  • 26:34 – Adding Custom Code to Homepage Hero Section
  • Copy & Paste Code for Additional CTAs: Click HERE for Google Doc
  • 30:18 – Additional Supportive Text
  • 31:19 – Additional CTA Button
  • 33:03 – Tag Cloud of Popular Searches
  • 40:57 – Testimonial Blurb
  • 45:50 – Sponsored Banner Ad or Promotion
  • Questions & Answers

  • 49:07 – Can JavaScript be placed in widgets?
  • 50:01 – Using Web Page Builder to Generate HTML to Place in Widgets
  • 51:57 – Prompt users conducting a search to register?
  • 58:10 – Search members by category sidebar widget
  • 1:02:41 – Customize Members-Only Content paywall/login message?
  • 1:07:11 – Sync Brilliant Directories with a CRM (Mailchimp)
  • 1:08:39 – Thoughts on ChatGPT for content creation and how Google sees it? – ChatGPT Content Creator add-on
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