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4 Misconceptions About Starting A Membership Websites

Launching a membership website may become an excellent revenue stream for new entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. But if you’re still wondering whether it’s the right decision for you, let’s start by addressing some of the primary misconceptions about membership websites.

1. Users Will Quickly Appear Once You Launch a Membership

Sometimes we’re inclined to believe that building a website is the only building block we need in place. In fact, launching a website is only the first step to success.

We need to be ready to take the next steps forward to ensure our target audience finds our website and that we begin appearing in Google search results. Users won’t know about our new membership website if we don’t inform them about it.

It would be wise to begin rolling out a marketing campaign – even a simple email or social media campaign – to attract our target audience and convince them to become members.

You can initially offer some services or products for free, add testimonials, clearly articulate the benefits you’re memberships provide and create helpful, unique content to establish credibility.

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2. You Must Primarily Focus on Your New Members

Competition in any market is tough and entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes strive to attract more new customers as quickly as possible. But we shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that this goal should be our top priority indefinitely. Of course, right after launching a new membership website, it’s necessary to work hard to attract users. However, bringing new members into our community won’t be the final goal for us.

We can’t let ourselves forget about our existing members. We need to continually show appreciation for every member on our website. Doing so will allow us to further develop and grow our user base. You can offer different perks like secret discounts or special services to retain members and earn their loyalty… As long as their paying for a membership we need to be providing them with a return on their investment.

3. You Need to Create Tons of Content at Once

Undoubtedly, it’s necessary to prepare your new membership website before you start marketing it. But publishing dozens of posts at once would not typically be the best use of your time. We need to constantly be publishing useful and current content.

If possible, a great alternative would be to instead draft your articles, photo posts, etc. ahead of time this way once or twice a week you have a ready-made piece of content you can quickly publish and share.

The best way to create a good content strategy for your membership website is to identify your audience, find customer insights and set a publishing schedule that you can stick to.

If it makes more senses to have someone else write your content for you so that you can focus on other elements of your membership community, you can always hire a professional essay writer or freelance writer who will help you write posts and handle your content plan.

Create Shareable Content That Helps You Work Smarter – Not Harder

4. It’s Difficult to Beat the Competition

The word “competition” may scare away some new membership website and business owners… even those with great ambitions. However, regardless of your industry or the type of business you want to launch, it’s almost inevitable to run into at least some form of competition.

Competition is everywhere so we shouldn’t fear it. We also shouldn’t necessarily try to seek out and target the few niches that don’t already have strong competitors. Sometimes a certain market may not already be occupied by bigger brands simply because that market is limited and doesn’t have solid growth potential. However, if these markets are in fact ripe with potential for growth then by all means go after them.

You don’t have to be afraid of picking the niche you’re passionate about just because there is already some competition. You can cope with challenges and succeed if you present a unique idea, implement a wise marketing strategy and publish outstanding, unique content.

When picking a niche, keep one important rule in mind – stick to fields you are interested in. By diving into a market or niche that you are truly passionate about, you’ll be setting yourself up for longterm success. Your passion will be reflected in your work and your members will recognize this.


Nothing should stop you from launching a membership website if you think it is the right path for your business endeavors. The misconceptions mentioned above will only separate you from success and their easy to overcome!

So with a little hard work you’ll be well on your way to attracting members, retaining members, creating powerful content and facing any competition head on.

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Author: James Baxter

James Baxter is a professional ghostwriter, editor at Write My Essay and blogger, who loves sharing his experience and knowledge with readers. He is especially interested in marketing, blogging and IT. James is always happy to visit different places and meet new people there.

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