25 Secrets for a Successful Directory Website

Last updated May 2, 2018 by Team Brilliant

25 Secrets for a Successful Directory Website

Yes, a directory website is a great way to generate passive recurring revenue. Most of us get that. But even with the greatest directory idea, you need to know where to start.

The fact is, it’s not your fault. A lot of the technology is confusing and we were never taught how to use it. The risks are just too high to actually get started.

But here’s the good news: things are easier now. The technology is more intuitive. All you need is a great idea and a clear plan of action!

We’ve compiled a list of the 25 most helpful tips that will enable you to overcome any obstacles standing in the way of you and your brilliant idea.

25 Tips For Starting A Website Directory

  1. Pick a simple company name…don’t complicate things
  2. Choose a domain name that is catchy…it should be easy to remember
  3. Your slogan should explain your purpose in a few words…if it requires more, then it’s confusing
  4. Get a Toll-Free number…it’s a cheap investment and people trust companies that are accessible (even if they never call) Great Source For Toll-Free Numbers
  5. Launch quickly & don’t wait for details…your competitors are right behind you
  6. Add awesome features later…if you need cool features from the start, then the core idea is not strong enough to stand on its own
  7. Keep costs down…focus on launching quickly and getting users…don’t invest in anything else to start
  8. Don’t delay because you’re secretly scared…launching quickly and getting [any] feedback from your first users is invaluable
  9. Don’t worry, you can change things later…your site will never be perfect, make updates as needed
  10.  Ideas are worthless without action…good ideas mean nothing unless you turn them into something real
  11.  Don’t dwell on ‘what ifs’…invest a little to test a concept quickly rather than spending years thinking about it
  12.  If you build it they will come…for smaller teams, you only need a small piece of the pie to thrive
  13.  Don’t buy expensive domain names…you can do that after you prove the concept with your first users
  14.  Make your message clear…complicated wording confuses people
  15.  Tell people what to do…use verbiage that tells people exactly what to do, don’t outsmart them with ‘clever’ wording
  16.  Make an irresistible offer…you don’t need lower prices, just tell them how much more they stand to gain
  17.  Don’t compare yourself to others…focus on being awesome
  18.  Keep the sign-up process simple…too many sign-up options will turn people away
  19.  Free members are valuable…you gain quality users and the opportunity  to upsell at a later time
  20.  Use the tools at hand…don’t delay by thinking you need certain features to succeed, many have done more with less
  21.  Problems are opportunities…people who complain are the ones who care the most and are most likely to buy something
  22.  Use social media marketing…it’s cheap, builds a loyal following and creates a strong brand name
  23.  Don’t let others bring you down…there will ALWAYS be negative critics, push forward and think positive
  24.  Use high quality images…eye-candy goes a long way and adds credibility
  25.  Don’t be stubborn…accept constructive criticism, be nimble, and adjust as needed

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