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Webinar Wednesday 95 <small>– August 12, 2020</small>

Key Topics:

  • 2:20 – Update: Strong focus to fix smaller nuances in specific cases for more stability
  • 3:06 – Update: Add Decimals to Prices for Pay Per Post add-on
  • 5:14 – Update: New Tool to Easily Invite Admins to Your Website
  • 7:52 – Update: When Credit Card Fails on Sign Up Pages… Retains Inputted Information
  • 8:52 – Coming Soon: Draggable Content Blocks
  • 10:51 – Coming Soon: Include Images with Reviews Add-On
  • 12:25 – Coming Soon: Global Website Search Add-On
  • 12:37 – Coming Soon: Easily Publish Posts from Admin Area
  • 14:24 – Coming Soon: Select “Smart Lists” when Scheduling Newsletters
  • 14:57 – Expanded Keyword Search add-on vs. Global Website Search add-on
  • 18:59 – Tip of the Week: 5 Daily Tasks for Membership Website Owners
  • 20:18 – Set a Daily Checklist
  • 21:20 – 1) Respond to Member Inquiries
  • 25:44 – 2) Track Member Feedback & Behavior
  • 28:44 – 3) Find Something Relevant to Share
  • 30:27 – 4) Start & Reply to Community Discussions
  • 33:52 – 5) Stay Top of Mind
  • 39:53 – Can you import members without their email addresses?
  • 41:43 – How can businesses add special updates or notices to their listings?
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