Webinar Wednesday 59 – February 27, 2019

Webinar Wednesday 59 <small>– February 27, 2019</small>

Key Topics:

  • 3:26 – UPDATE: Members “Upgrade Page” Layout
  • 4:28 – UPDATE: Sort Posts by Membership Level Priority
  • 8:45 – ADD-ON: Pin Featured Posts
  • 10:42 – Coming Soon: Report This Page add-on
  • 14:09 – Coming Soon: Private Member Chat add-on
  • 14:30 – UPDATE: Expiration date for Pin Featured Posts add-on
  • 15:26 – Rick’s Corner: How to Clone & Modify the Contact Us Form
    • How to edit a form
    • Different types of form fields
    • Form field database variable name tips
    • Form detail settings
    • Form email settings
    • Placing a form on a specific web page
  • 30:43 – When to customize the Contact Form vs. Lead Form
  • 31:43 – How to preview forms while editing them
  • 32:23 – Tip of the Week: 5 Simple Ways to Increase Member Upgrades
    • 33:00 – Key Benefits of Membership Upgrades
    • 35:16 – Upgrades Should Provide Members…
    • 39:24 – 5 Ways to Promote Membership Upgrades
    • 41:54 – 1) Mention upgrading in the member’s dashboard
    • 46:42 – 2) Add text to explain WHY on the upgrade page
    • 49:22 – 3) Mention the benefits of upgrading to each plan
    • 54:08 – 4) Limited time promo code
    • 48:13 – 5) Encourage members to contact you with questions
    • 59:01 – 6) Include upgrade offers in email templates
  • 1:02:08 – How to explain to members how to use your directory website website and setup their profiles
  • 1:04:46 – Simplifying the member dashboard and encouraging them to upgrade

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