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Private training sessions help you and your entire team become experts at managing your website. Click the Book Now button to find out when the next available time for training. Average rate is $100 for a 30 minute phone training session.

Basic Training

Learn to setup membership levels, main menu, text edits, and categories.
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Email Marketing

Learn to send email newsletters and marketing materials to members.
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Lead Management

Learn to generate leads, distribute them to members and make money.
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Billing & Finance

Learn to manage member payments and collect past-due amounts.
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Importing Members

Learn to import your own member database properly and efficiently.
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Website Edits

Learn to edit widgets, main menu, pricing menu, and your homepage.
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Member Management

Learn to create, edit, upgrade, downgrade, and delete members.
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Editing Forms

Learn to create web forms, edit forms, and manage form submissions.
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Developer Training

Get one-on-one training with our Top-Tier Developers – $200/session.
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Advanced Settings

Learn about Advanced Website Settings and how they work.
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Database Training $200 / 30 minute session

Learn to access your database, table definitions, exporting data and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a training with Brilliant Directories? Booking a training session is easy! Browse the available training topics. Click the Book Now button. We’ll let you know the next available times.What happens after I notify my account manager that I want to receive training? Your coach will pair you with a trainer that specializes on the topic requested. Depending on the topic, your session can be confirmed within 1-3 business days.
What happens after I request a training session? We will notify you with available times, let you know if any credits need to be purchased, and confirm the official day and time of your training session.Can I combine topics? In order to guarantee you are paired with an agent that specializes on the topic requested, it is not possible to request multiple topics in a single session.
How much does a training session cost? Sessions that do not require a Senior Developer cost $100 per session. Recorded video trainings cost $200 per session. Recorded trainings are an excellent option for future staff training. You must notify your account manager ahead of time that you would like your training to be recorded and sent to you.What does a recorded session include? At the conclusion of the training session you’ll receive a link that allows you to download a copy of the session. You’ll be able to watch the session as many times as needed until the topic at hand is mastered. If you plan on hiring staff, we recommend this option in order to have professional training materials available to them.
What happens if I do not have any setup credits left? You can purchase additional credits here.How long does each session last? Each session has a total duration of 30 minutes.

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