Dedicated Server HostingNot everyone needs enterprise-level hosting, but if your website traffic is increasing, we have dedicated hosting solutions to scale with your needs.

Note: Each dedicated server has a one-time setup fee of $247, regardless of configuration. Transfer of your website(s) from standard shared hosting to a dedicated server typically takes 5 – 10 business days.

* Additional bandwidth usage surpassing the monthly limit is charged at a rate of $0.09 / GB by the datacenter.
** Cancelation of a dedicated server hosting plan requires 30 days notice.

Dedicated Server Advantages

Cost Efficient You can save money by having your own dedicated server with a large allocation of storage space and bandwidth that you can grow into, rather than pay for additional bandwidth allocation for your sites without any of the other advantages. Uptime + Security Your sites are completely isolated from websites in the shared hosting environment. That means if something goes wrong on a site in the shared environment, it will not impact the sites on your server, reducing the risk of downtime & security issues.
Fast Load Times Websites load faster – the entire server’s resources will be dedicated to serving your websites – no other websites will be sharing the resources as they do in a shared hosting account. High Bandwidth The server comes with a total allocation of 1 TB of bandwidth per month, which should cover significant growth for all of your sites without paying anything extra.
Unlimited Backups Make unlimited backups of your cPanel account and databases without worrying about exceeding your storage allotment – the only limit is the amount of hard drive space on your server. Third-Party Software You have the ability to install third-party software and/or scripts on your server, which is not allowed in the shared hosting environment.

General Information

24/7 Monitoring All of our dedicated servers are setup, monitored, and maintained 24/7 by our Server Management Team – the same team that monitors the entire Brilliant Directories network. The cost of this service is included in all of the prices above. IBM Datacenter These servers are installed in our rack in the Softlayer / IBM datacenter in Dallas, TX, and have direct hardwired connections to our network separate from the other racks in the datacenter.
Network Connection Each dedicated server also has its own dual-redundant Gigabit Network Connection to the internet, which reduces latency compared with sharing the same internet connection on one of our shared servers.

Custom Server Configurations

To receive a customized dedicated server quote, please submit a support ticket with the server specifications you are interested in.

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