One-Click Social Login Add-On

Bring your website into the social media age!

The One-Click Social Login add-on gives your users the ability to easily register and login to your website using their existing Facebook and Google account.

One-Click Social Login seamlessly integrates with the default login and registration system. Your existing users can add or remove their linked social network accounts at any time from within their member dashboard.

google login add on

Key Features & Benefits

  • 73% of users prefer to login using their social accounts
  • Provide a quick and easy registration process for users
  • Users can register using their Facebook or Google account
  • Captures user’s first name, last name and email address
  • Members can login using their Facebook or Google account
  • Members can add/remove linked social accounts at any time
  • Reduce spam and bot registrations
  • No settings to configure

facebook login add on

Requirements for Proper Functionality

  1. SSL Certificate: Google and Facebook require your website to have an SSL Certificate installed for security precautions.
  2. Google Developer Account: Estimated Setup Time – 5 minutes. Learn More
  3. Facebook Developer Account: Estimated Setup Time – 5 minutes. Learn More

Google and Facebook developer accounts are required in order to register your website with Google and Facebook. Once registered, they will provide you with unique developer IDs which you will then copy and paste into your website’s Advanced Settings mentioned in the instructions linked above.

Logging into your website via a Google or Facebook account will function properly once these three elements are in place.

One-Click Social Login Add-On
Member Registration & Login Using Facebook & Google Accounts

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