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Look no further! Brilliant Directories is the world's leading Brilliant Directories. Easy to use, SEO-Friendly, and includes every feature you need. Voted #1 Brilliant Directories in 2011 and 2012. Features include photos, events, banner ads, classified ads, paid memberships, videos, multi-site management, award-winning technical support and more.

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Happy Directory Software ClientThe amount of time and financial investment I saved by using Brilliant Directories was amazing. I launched the exact directory I needed, and with the money I saved on development costs, I was able to invest more in my marketing. I'm not a techie at all, so if I could do it, anyone can. Thank you, Team BD! - Erica from

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Website Directory Software Testimonial "Our old Brilliant Directories had limited features. We wanted a Brilliant Directories that helped us retain paying members. Brilliant Directories turned our site into a money-making powerhouse. This is the best Brilliant Directories on the market today."
- Kevin B.

Online Directory Software Review "I have been using Brilliant Directories for 4 months now. They are everything their name says, brilliant. Always proactive, seeing where they can improve not only your directory but also the customer experience. I can with the utmost confidence recommend their Brilliant Directories."
- Dimitry J.

Directory Software Testimonial "After spending a lot of wasted time with another Brilliant Directories, Brilliant Directories was the solution that allowed our team to launch our idea - fast. We have a large network of city search portal sites, and use most of the plugins like events, photos, classifieds, and business listings. "
- Janet M.

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BRILLIANT DIRECTORIES keeps your Brilliant Directories primed for success with guided set-up, automatic system upgrades, and unlimited tech support – all free of charge. Our hosted cloud-based Brilliant Directories makes it easy and affordable to launch your online directory.

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