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Webinar Wednesday 150 <small>– February 1, 2023</small>

Key Topics:

    New Features

  • 3:00 – Add-On: Star Ratings for Posts
  • 3:44 – Leads: Easy to Click “Copy” Button for Lead Data
  • 4:42 – Finance: Search Subscriptions by “Date Ended”
  • 6:34 – Language: Set all Default Text Labels to “French”
  • 8:43 – Over 100+: Updates, Fixes & Feature releases in January
  • Coming Soon

  • 8:57 – Translate: Ability to Set Default Text Labels as German & More
  • 9:01 – API/Zapier: Create Posts from RSS Feeds & Other Sources (events articles, jobs, etc.)
  • 9:27 – Comments: Setting to Allow Users to Edit, Delete or Both
  • 10:24 – Reduce Spam: Blocking Dozens of Foreign Characters Most Associated with Spam
  • 10:56 – Tons More: Speed, Security, Quality-of-Life Features & Exciting New Releases on the Way!
  • 11:23 – Best practices to reduce website spam?
  • Tip of the Week

  • 15:00 – How to Sell Spotlight Articles to Your Members
  • 15:55 – Benefits of Spotlight Articles for Businesses
  • 18:40 – What to Include in a Spotlight Article
  • 22:43 – The Power of Storytelling in Spotlight Articles
  • 25:54 – Using ChatGPT for help writing spotlight articles
  • 27:36 – Measuring the Success of a Spotlight Article
  • 32:33 – Selling the Spotlight Article to Businesses
  • 36:14 – 4 Spotlight Article Examples
  • 40:20 – Let’s Recap the Benefits!
  • Questions & Answers

  • 41:28 – TikTok, Snapchat & other social inputs not displaying for members?
  • 43:45 – How much to charge for spotlight articles?
  • 45:30 – Suggestion to sort members by number of leads received
  • 48:37 – What happens when a member’s credit card expires?
  • 51:48 – How to add a spotlight article to homepage?
  • 54:54 – How to get members to fill out their basic details? – More Info
  • 58:36 – Asking ChatGPT for funny questions
  • 1:00:01 – Automatically add posts from other websites?
  • 1:01:50 – Single Sign-On for LinkedIn?
  • 1:03:29 – Hosting a contest for more member signups?
  • 1:14:27 – Benefits of a minimal website homepage?
  • 1:15:52 – Using ChatGPT to create a list of member categories
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