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Who is this package for?

VIP Service Plans are designed to meet the needs of our corporate partners or directory partners that want to fast-track the growth of their online business.

We’ve assembled a package that ensures you’ll get the most out of your Brilliant Directories license. You will receive the following when you sign up for our VIP Plan:

Priority Support

If you require immediate support and resolutions to issues that may arise for your site, this is the plan for you. Go to the top of any customization queue or bug queue, cutting normal wait times by over 90%. If the request does not require extensive work from our team, we will often deliver same day results.

Dedicated Senior Coach

This is the greatest resource we have to offer. You will be assigned to a dedicated Senior Coach that has worked with multiple corporate partners and understands your needs. We will be able to provide you with insider information about what has worked well with other successful sites and the pitfalls to avoid, saving you valuable time and money and fast-tracking your success.

Direct Chat Support

Tired of calling in or emailing in for support? Don’t want to wait 24 business hours for a reply? We provide all VIP Service Plan partners with a direct chat line with their Senior Coach. This allows us to answer your questions and service your needs instantly.

Premium Responsive Email Templates

You will receive two premium email templates when you sign up for our VIP Plan. The first template specializes in getting users to claim their listing, and the second template is designed to get active members to post content.

Weekly Meetings

Included in your VIP Service Plan is a weekly meeting update with your Senior Coach. These weekly meetings help insure your site continues moving in the right direction, and holds everyone working on the project accountable to deliver results.

Common Questions & Answers

How long must I commit?You can renew your plan on a monthly basis, which means you can cancel at any time! I have a direct chat support line with my Director. Is this 24 hour support? Your dedicated Senior Coach will be available during normal business hours which is typically 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday.
Does this include any development for my site?Senior Coaches can help with some development tasks such as changing words, colors, placing widgets, updating sidebars, subscription plans, setting up advertisement banners, and more. More complicated tasks that require a developer to perform would be quoted separately. Can I change Senior Coaches if I am not happy?Yes, you may change Senior Coaches at any time. Please note that there may be time required for the Senior Coach you were working with previously to inform your new Coach about the status of your project to that point. This time will be deducted from the current month’s hours at the rate of the highest level Coach involved in the exchange of information.
Can I request more than one call per week?You have a total of four 30 minute strategy calls included in your plan. Can my weekly meeting carry over to the next week if I am not able to take advantage of it? Weekly meetings to not carry over. You have a maximum of one meeting per week included in your plan.
Can I have the Senior Coach lead other members of my team or work with multiple members of my team?The Senior Coach will work directly with one member of your team, whoever you choose that to be. This team member should be someone you trust to communicate the results of the consulting sessions and implement any suggestions imparted by the Senior Coach, including coordinating tasks with other members of your team. Are there refunds available if I am not satisfied with the results or my time spent with my Senior Coach? There are no refunds available for consulting time, however you may cancel at any time.

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