Embed SoundCloud Files

Easily embed audio files from SoundCloud and other audio hosting websites directly onto any of your website’s pages.


2Checkout Integration

Integrate 2Checkout’s payment gateway with your website to easily process transactions and manage your sales.

Stripe Integration

Integrate Stripe’s payment gateway with your website to easily process transactions and manage your sales.

Authorize.net Integration

Integrate Authorize.net’s payment gateway with your website to easily process transactions and manage your sales.

PayPal Integration

Integrate PayPal’s payment gateway with your website to easily process transactions and manage your sales.

Integrated Reporting

Complete reporting, statistical analytics and financial tools. All accessible directly from your admin panel.

Newsletter Sign Up Form

Visitors can easily subscribe to your email newsletters so that you can keep your community updated with the latest info!

Track Opens & Clicks

View who opens and clicks links in your emails. Strengthen your emails for maximum open-rates and click-throughs.

Email Campaign Schedule

Save time by planning ahead and scheduling email campaigns that will go out to selected email lists at the times you desire.

Contact Tags Manager

Tag members and contacts to segment them into unique email marketing lists. Then send emails to specific member groups.

Sitemap Generator

An XML sitemap of your website will automatically be generated, helping search engines index your site’s content for better rankings.

Self Service Accounts

Members manage their account, update their personal and billing info, reset passwords & more without you needing to intervene.

Customizable Design

Enjoy fully functional page templates out of the box, while having the ability to completely customize the design.

International Currency

You can set the currency that will be displayed across your directory website — USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR or JPY.

Overdue Payment Alerts

Brilliant Directories automatically notifies you of declined members’ payments, helping to maintain your revenue stream.

Custom Fields

Boost SEO rankings by allowing your members to include additional, custom information with their listings.

FTP Access

You have total control of your website including FTP access to easily manage everything stored on your hosting account.

MySQL Access

You have total control of your website including access to MySQL to manage all of your website’s databases.

cPanel Access

You have total control of your website including access to cPanel to manage all of your hosting features.

ReCaptcha Integration

Integrate Google ReCaptcha with any contact form on your website to prevent unwanted messages and spam.

Verified User Badges

Members who verify their contact info will be displayed with a “verified” badge on their public profile.

Contact Members

Users can easily contact members of your directory by simply filling out the member’s built-in contact form.

Cross-Browser Support

Your website fully supports the latest versions of every popular web browser. It’s guaranteed to look great anywhere!

Member Management

All member management is done through your website’s admin panel. It’s all automated and ready to accept users from day one.

Source Code Access

Brilliant Directories is easy to design without coding know-how, but you can dive into the source code for larger customizations.

Complete Billing History

Track member billing history and easily process refunds to your members right in your site admin panel.

Membership Plans

Include everyone by creating unlimited membership packages and payment plans for your members to choose from.

Auto-Recurring Payments

Sell recurring subscriptions to your members. These payments are completely automated with no need for any manual processing.

Pre-Made Content

Your Brilliant Directories account comes with pre-made content such as a privacy policy, terms & conditions and more.

Email Marketing

Built-in Brilliant Directories email marketing enables you to keep in touch with members with no need for any 3rd party services.

Email Templates

Our library of 50+ customizable email templates includes everything from welcome emails to forgetting passwords.

Free Hosting

All Brilliant Directories packages and plans come included with free premium hosting. Never worry about security & speed!

Custom SEO

Easily and quickly customize the SEO structure of your website’s directory pages to suit your unique needs.

Customizable SEO Tags

Brilliant Directories prefills your website with meta titles, keyword & descriptions amongst various other built-in SEO tools.

Add a Custom Logo

Your website never contains any “Brilliant Directories” branding. Upload your logo and other files to properly brand your website.

1-Click Upgrades

When your website’s members upgrade their plans, the system will automatically prorate the additional amount owed.

Member Dashboard

Your registered members will have their own dashboards where they can manage their profile, messages, listings, and more.


Tags can be added to listings and articles, helping with SEO and to provide better results when users search on your website.

Disqus Comments

Comments sections powered by Disqus are built-in to the Brilliant Directories platform and can be enabled on various pages.

Member Blogs

Your members are also capable of publishing articles and blog posts of their own, helping draw visitors to your website.

Google Analytics

Get useful information from complete website and usage reports, financial tools, and even integrate Google Analytics.

Members-Only Access

Create exclusive, protected-content areas of your website that only registered or paying members can access.

User Reviews

You or your users can moderate reviews and comments that visitors leave. Display only the content you want!

Business Listings

Business members of your website will get a dedicated profile pages with options for a profile picture, logo, images & more.

Public Member Profiles

Members of your website will each get a dedicated profile page with options for a profile picture, logo, CV, videos, images, and more.

User Favorites

Users of your website can quickly favorite listings and other members to save in their account for later.

Upload & Host Files

Upload any type of files to your Brilliant Directories website such as images, videos, audio files and more. You have complete control!

Connect a Domain Name

Link a domain that you already own from an internet registrar to your Brilliant Directories website for a custom URL.

Lead Generation Tools

Every Brilliant Directories website comes with built-in tools to generate and sell quality leads to your website’s members.

JavaScript Editor

Easily add or edit custom JavaScript content on any page of your website with the built-in JavaScript editor.

CSS Editor

Easily add or edit custom CSS content on any page of your website with the built-in CSS editor.

HTML Editor

Easily add and edit custom HTML content on any page of your website with the built-in HTML editor.

Claimable Listings

The claimable listings feature helps to quickly populate your site and allows the right people to claim ownership of listings.

Mobile Friendly Webpages

Brilliant Directories is built on the Bootstrap framework, ensuring all webpages and elements will look great on mobile devices.

Classified Ads Publisher

Allow members to publish classifieds for selling products with the option for visitors to contact the member and more.

Photo Galleries

Easily add uploaded photos to beautifully designed galleries to included on your webpages. Even include video and audio libraries.

Deals & Coupons Publisher

Allow members to publish deals and coupons with details with the option to include outbound affiliate links.

Menu Builder

Create menus for website by quickly and easily dragging and dropping pages to the location you’d like.

Jobs Board

Allow members to publish job openings with details such as location, salary, employment type, start date, description, and more.

Real Estate Publisher

Allow members to publish real estate listings with details such as bed/baths, picture gallery, escrow status, property type and more.

Events Publisher

Allow members to publish events with details such as location, start/end time, price, images, contact info and more details.

Embed Vimeo Videos

Easily embed videos from Vimeo and other video hosting websites directly onto any of your website’s pages.

Embed YouTube Videos

Easily embed videos from YouTube and other video hosting websites directly onto any of your website’s pages.

Geo-Targeted Searches

All search results are filtered according to the user’s IP addresses, providing them with local search results first.

Clickable Maps

Search results and listings can be displayed on an integrated Google map, simplifying local search results for your users.

Google Translate

Add the Google Translate module to your website to allow users to automatically translate the entire site to their language of choice.

Autosuggest Search

As users type into the search box on your website, search suggestions will instantly be displayed.

Shareable Links

Listings, blog posts, member profiles & more can easily be shared on all social media sites by anyone visiting your website.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media profiles with your directory website to utilize the sharing power of social media.

Banner Ads

Place Google AdSense or other agencies’ banner ads on your website. Even upload your own custom advertisements.

Events Calendar

Choose to automatically display your members’ events directly on an intuitive monthly calendar with quick look details.

Members Categories

Import your website’s members into predefined categories to allow visitors to easily sort through your members.

Import/Export Members

Quickly import and export members of your website to a CSV file for safe keeping or to transfer to another site.

Contact Forms

Allow your visitors to get in touch with you by including contact forms on any page of your website.

Blog Articles

Integrate a blog roll into your directory website. Quickly write and publish articles with the built-in text/HTML editor.

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